The Best Materials For Mens Underwear

Knowing what underwear material best suits you is the most crucial factor in choosing the perfect underwear. There are many different types of materials that are used in mens underwear but the three MAIN types are cotton, polyester, and modal. I will describe the three and their positives/negatives below. There is no "correct" answer here it really just depends on what you want out of your underwear and what you don't mind dealing with.



I firmly believe polyester is the best and most versatile material. When designed properly they are super breathable and stretchy and can be perfect for casual wear and athletic wear. They also last the longest of the big three because the material doesn't change when washed over time. The perfect pair of polyester underwear should feel like wearing nothing at all. Here at Varrik we designed a pair with an 88% polyester 12% spandex so you get the right amount of stretch with absolutely no ride up. It is also imperative to make polyester underwear with a low GSM so that they are light and breathable. So many companies make thick polyester underwear and I have no clue why as they are unbearably hot. 

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Positives:                                         Negatives:

-Most versatile                                 - Some companies make them too thick



-Longest Lasting

-Best for gym

polyester mens underwear



Cotton is the most basic of the big three. Your first pair of Hanes underwear was most likely a cotton blend of some sort, it is the cheapest material available for underwear which is why most people wear it. Cotton is certainly the most breathable of the bunch but it doesn't last nearly as long. Cotton is affected by the washing process more than any underwear, after a while the material starts to bunch up and become hard and less comfortable, anyone who has worn cotton briefs knows exactly what I am talking about. Cotton boxer briefs tend to ride up the most since there is more friction with the skin and they shrink a lot in the dryer. The shrinkage makes it much harder to find the perfect fit since it is always changing. 

Positives:                                         Negatives:

-Most breathable                                 - Rides up

-Lightest                                              - Shrinks a lot

-Cheapest                                           - Material doesn't last long

best material for mens underwear



Modal is a unique material that is usually blended with both cotton and spandex, it is easily the most expensive material here and is what is usually used in designer boxer briefs. Modal is decently good at everything but not great for any one thing. It is a good middle choice if you cant decide between cotton or polyester. I think it can be the best material for purely casual use, the material is smooth enough to feel nice under a pair of jeans and stretchy enough to not ride up. We have a modal version of our Everyday Boxer Brief  coming soon. If you think polyester is too sporty then modal is perfect for you. 

Positives:                                         Negatives:

-Best for Casual use                            - Can be expensive

-Smooth                                               - Shrinks 



best mens underwear


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