Silver Ion "Anti Odor" Treatment Is A Toxic Ripoff

Silver Ion "Anti Odor" Treatment Is A Toxic Ripoff

You have probably seen companies advertise some sort of "silver ion anti odor treatment" that is supposed to help their clothing smell less overtime. This anti odor treatment contains nanoparticles of silver that are supposed to naturally kill bacteria, sounds great right? But these silver particles are not actually binded to your clothes, after a few washes the treatment is essentially completely washed out. Which means you could be paying more for something that will be gone within weeks, even days. 

There is also the fact that silver can be unsafe when absorbed by the skin. according to a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the nanoparticles get absorbed by your skin when you sweat, exposing you to untested, and potentially unhealthy, levels of this metal making it a toxic ripoff. It can cause skin color changes and even major rashes. 

That is why at Varrik we will never use silver ion anti odor treatments, instead we use materials that are NATURALLY not stinky. As weird as it sounds some materials just stink more than others, this depends on the blend and breathability. We sweat test our blends before hand and make sure that they don't get stinky easily. Most of it comes down to breathability, this is why most compression shorts tend to smell over time.

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