The Brand I Started On Accident...

My name is Eric Delgado and I am the Founder of Varrik. If you're reading this thanks for stopping by!

I am a notoriously nit picky person when it comes to comfort in clothes, I was always someone who went out of his way to find clothes that were not only stylish but also comfortable. I found something on the market for every type of garment I wear except for one...underwear. 

I tried them all. Each one had at least one thing I didn't like about them such as the legs being too short, no pee-hole, material being too restricting, a pair that was good for casual wear but didn't hold up in workouts and etc. So using my background in sourcing factories I just said screw it and made my own from scratch. 

I took things I liked about all the pairs I tried and put them all into one! I did custom measurements for all sizes and after a few samples I knew I made the perfect pair. 

The factory had a minimum so I took the extra pairs and gave them to friends and family to try but what happened next I did not fully expect. They absolutely LOVED them, I had people trying to get me to order them 10 pairs at a time.  

The feedback was too good to ignore and my wife Vicky and I started Varrik together. 

I hope you enjoy the invisible seamless underwear as much as I do. I literally refuse to wear anything else now and I think you may end up the same way.

seamless boxer brief underwear


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