The Underwear So Comfortable You Will Forget You're Even Wearing Them

You should be thinking about your underwear exactly ZERO times throughout your day, should be able to throw them on and be done with it. But sometimes your underwear comes up because of a number of things; They start riding up, very hot, can't keep up with a workout, or they're just plain uncomfortable. With our Every Day Boxer Brief  we have carefully eliminated all of those problems, we want you to forget you are wearing them. 

Our no ride up design is possible because of the ideal inseam length we have used and a material that is stretchy and non-restrictive. Some companies figure they will get rid of riding up by just making the briefs as long as possible but who really wants to wear a pair of underwear that goes down to their knees? our 6.5" inseam is the perfect length for a pair of briefs. The 88% polyesters 12% Spandex blend is also the perfect material to workout in, unlike cotton it wicks moisture perfectly while being just as breathable and even more supportive, you wont have to change your underwear just to got to the gym. This is like a compression short that isn't insanely hot and uncomfortable. 

Try out a pair and see why so many people are raving about them, we dare you to test them against anything you currently have in that messy underwear drawer. We think there is a good chance you will be back to replace the rest. 

- A guy who has thought about his underwear way too much. 

The Everyday Boxer Brief is available HERE 


Most comfortable mens boxer brief

most comfortable mens boxer brief

most comfortable mens boxer